FAQs of Austin Pet Apartment Locator
FAQs of Austin Pet Apartment Locator
Are there apartments that accept big dogs?
There are several communities that will accept big dogs.  Every community will have weight limit restrictions, such as 25 pounds, 50 pounds or 100 pounds.  However, some go as high as 150-175 pounds.    
What is the maximum number of pets allowed in an apartment?
Most properties will accept up to 2 pets.  There are some that will accept 3 or 4 pets, but it is very limited.   
How much is the pet deposit?
Every apartment differs with their pet deposits.  The average deposit can be anywhere from $300 - $600.  This amount can usually be broken up into 2 or 3 payments though.

Some apartments will have pet rent too which can be $5-$10 a month. 
Are there any places that accept aggressive breeds?
Every apartment will have restrictive breed list.  There are several places that will accept German Shepherds.  It is a little tougher to find places that accept Pit Bulls and Rotweillers though.  It has loosened up some and right now - we now of several places.  

Are there apartments with yards?
There are several apartments that have yards.  There is usually a slight upcharge for this.  
Are there apartments with dog parks?
Yes.  There are apartments with off leash areas and dog parks for your dog.  Also many places have large grassy areas where you can take your dog. 

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My dog weighs 85 pounds.

There are many apartments that are dog and cat friendly. Almost every property for lease will have weight and breed restrictions. Apartment finders in your local area will keep all that on a database and can easily find an apartment for you and your pet...even if he/she weighs 200 pounds. 

​Most apartment communities have a restricted breed list, if your pet is on that list it doesn’t matter how sweet your pet is, you will not be accepted

I have a dog and a cat! 

Typically deposits are around $300.00-$600.00 per animal. They can go higher.Usually the bigger the deposit the more likely they are to make arrangements. Half of your deposit is usually non-refundable.

​They told me my dog was considered a vicious breed! 

Vicious or aggressive breeds are typically Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Chow Chows. Mastiffs and Akitas are also considered aggressive by many properties. If its a mix and looks like a pitbul
theywill consider it a pit. Many apartments also have restrictions on Boxers. There are a number of Austin apartments that are breed friendly. Some properties will take a German Shepherd, but not a Chow. Other properties will do a pet interview. No property can deny you if its a service dog, however you must prove it. Call us and we will let you know who will work with you and your dog.

Can I break up the pet deposit into installments 

Many apartments will allow you to pay out your pet deposit usually in 2 or three installments  .On the other hand there are apartments that want the pet fee up front. Typically a portion of the Pet Fee is non-refundable. Your locator will let you know before you go looking.

2 or three installments 
What about my aquarium and/or my bird? 

You're in luck...Typically no pet fees, no weight limits, no breed restrictions. 

I have a Ferret, Mongoose, Lizard, Mouse, Turtle, Rabbit,Snake, or other exotic critter! 

Locators rarely run across exotic breeds. In all likelihood its because nobody thinks to ask about it. Which is probably a good idea. Apartments hate Ferrets for some reason. Most exotics are caged or live in an aquarium. Normally its not a problem. If you have a ten foot Boa constrictor, be assured they will want to know about it. 

The service cat!

The Egyptians were on to something. Today its called Cat Therapy! A letter from your Doctor or therapist can get your cat in with no deposit. Expect some raised eyebrows and a "Uhhhh...I'll have to talk to my manager " response, but so far no problem. Be sure and tell your locator in advance and don't forget the letter. 

Locator comments: 

Most properties will work with your dog or cat. But they take weight and especially breed very seriously. Your locator will have a list on their database of apartments that have no weight limit for large dogs. Vicious breeds are another matter. Here there are legal liabilities and very few will work with you. Of course your locator will know where they are. However, your choices will be limited. ​

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