I have a broken lease! 
The large majority of Austin apartments will not work with you if you owe another apartment or  rental property money or break a lease. Fortunately there are some exceptions. The apartments that will work with you have different qualifying criteria. The properties will want to know you have reestablished your rental history. Some of them will want extra deposits and it's usually dependent on how much you owe the property where you broke your lease 

I owe a bunch of medical bills and a student loan! 
Fortunately most apartments for rent in Austin these are not counted against you, but not all of them. Ask us for details.

I have a broken lease. Will there be an extra deposit?
Yes, It can be as low as a few hundred dollars to a month.

I don't know what's on my credit
If you've been denied credit in the last 60-90 days you can get a free credit report online. You will be receiving a free credit report from any or all of the 3 credit reporting agencies. YOU HAVE TO ORDER THEM FREE AT   www.annualcreditreport.com

They aid I have too many inquiries on my credit report! 
Believe it or not you can be denied housing because of inquiries on your credit report.... Almost always its in newer properties that score so heavily on credit. This should clue you in to the way some properties look at your credit report and how seriously they take it. Call us -- assure you we have plenty of Austin apartments that work with inquiries.

Call 512-258-5200 for properties that will work with a broken lease.

Apartments will possibly deny you if you have a broken lease, eviction OR if you owe another apartment property/ community for ANY REASON. 

Some examples of this:
  • You caused damage(or they said you did) to your apartment and you didn't pay to fix it.
  • If your apartment was unsafe and you left without fulfilling the full term of your lease.
  • Your roommate didn't pay their pasrt of the rent.
  • You lost your job and couldn't pay the rent.
  • You didn't give the apartment the appropriate 60 days written notice that you were leaving.

Different apartments and management companies have easier application processes than others. 
We know who they are and some them only work directly with us. 
  • The apartments will look at your income,
  •  how long ago your broken lease was, 
  • if you have positive rental since your broken lease and 
  • how much money you owe to the property.  

​I have a broken lease and damaged credit! 
There are quite a few apartments in Austin that will work with you but living with another person without your name on the lease may not count as rental history. We need to know in advance where you've been living so we can advise you accordingly. Just because you aren't currently on a lease doesn't mean you don't have verifiable rental history. 

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Austin apartments that accept Broken leases, evictions, bad credit foreclosures, bankruptcies